Idea and Ambition

Idea and Ambition
The aim of the project group is the development of a web application, which offers information about traveling routes and means of transportation while considering the aspects of sustainability. The application, however, is more than a usual route planning service. Due to the applied software architecture it is possible to take nearly any means of transportation into account.
At the beginning vehicles like car, electric car, streetcar (tram), bus, train, walkway as well as bicycle will be implemented to show up that the application is feasible. In a second phase this selection will be expanded by subway, car sharing services, car rentals, car pooling services, segways, airlines and many more. In the end it should contain every thinkable mean of transportation and mobility services.
The focus of the application will always be set on the idea of sustainability so that the application applies to those people, who want to travel consciously in a sustainable way.
Every user can request an individual mobility offer by inputting parameters like place of departure/arrival, date of traveling, cost options, (the user’s) flexibility, traveling comfort and so on. Each single mobility offer will contain detailed information about the traveling route, it’s costs, the usage of fuel, caused CO2 emissions and more so that the user is aided to pick a sustainable traveling plan. The web application will transfer this data to a sustainable customer relationship management system (CRM). By applying certain business intelligence methods the user data is analyzed to optimize the service for the user and also to achieve a better user experience.
The web application will be optimized for mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones as well as handhelds to make this service also available during transport, because that is especially the place where the user needs compact traveling information.
With regard to content and techniques the project breaks new ground. We – the project team – are convinced, that we can contribute to a more sustainable future.
By the way: Jinengo is an artificial word which was combined of the Chinese words “Jie” and “neng”. They correspond to the English meaning of “saving energy”.

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