About multimodal mobility

Multimodal mobility is a synonym for travelling with different means of transportation in a specific time frame. Because this concept fully supports sustainable mobility, it is the basis for the Jinengo platform. The idea is to shift the distance travelled with a normal car to public transportations, Car- Sharing- and car-pooling offerings and to the use of electric vehicles. Jinengo offers a way to realize multimodal mobility by using the most sustainable combination of means of transportation when planning a specific route.

The electric mobility seems to have a very promising future in Germany. The government is planning on increasing the number of PEVs to 1 million until the year 2020. This shows how important this means of transport will become within the next years.

There are only very few PEVs on the German streets at the moment. The main reason for this is that electric vehicles have very high costs while it is not possible to travel long distances without recharging the battery. But this will change in the future. There are a lot of studies that say that the costs for the battery, which is the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, will decrease by about 50% in the next years. In addition to that, the range of PEVs will be extended.

The German government actively supports to lower the costs for PEVs. An example for this is that taxes for electric vehicles don’t need to be paid in the first five years. Even at this time, driving a PEV with an average consumption of 20 kWh / 100 km is much cheaper than driving a conventional car, if only the energy costs are considered. And because the price for oil will increase within the next years, cars that drive with fossil energy sources will become much more expensive.

Furthermore, the lifecycle emissions of an electric car are much less than the emissions caused by a conventional car, at least if ecological energy sources are used to reload the battery of the PEV. There is a high possibility that the generation of electric power will become much cleaner in the next years, so that the emissions caused by an electric vehicle will decrease.

The software that is being developed within the project group Sustainable Customer Relationship Management für EMobility Services mit SOA“ will explicitly consider electric mobility. For example, it will be possible to calculate the costs and emissions of an electric vehicle to make it comparable to other means of transportation.

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