The Project Team

The project team consists of twelf ambitious master students of the University of Oldenburg with business economics as their major. Coming from different cultures and fields the project members are an inspiring mixture. The students are supervised by Mr. Dipl. Oec. Benjamin Wagner vom Berg and Mr. Dipl. Inf. Ammar Memari who are both employees of the department of business informatics / Very Large Business Applications.

These are the participating members:

Xin Huang
Sven Kölpin
Carl Mahnke
Alain Marcel
Ngufack Temgoua
Marc Petersen
David Rummel
Daniel Schnieders
Alexander Spennemann
Daniel Stamer
Timo von der Dovenmühle
Yi Wei

Dipl. Oec. Benjamin Wagner vom Berg
Dipl. Inf. Ammar Memari

Leader of the department:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jorge Marx Gómez

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