About CRM

Over the last few years the Customer Relationship Management can be granted a significantly greater perceived importance for the increase in customer orientation which represents a precondition for ensuring lasting competitive advantages for the companies. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) includes all measures as a corporation-wide integrating principle of leadership and organization to build, hold up and penetrate long term profitable customer relations.

If the existing CRM is extended by the new possibilities of modern information and communcation technologies by an electronic component, it comes to a modification of the classical CRM term to electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM). Under the key word eCRM the enterprises are anxious to treat the customers over diverse communication channels as most personalized and needs-oriented in order to increment the orientation in this way at long term customer relations.

In the context of the project “Sustainable CRM für einen Elektromobilitätsservice mit SOA” the system “Jinengo” will be developed that enables an individual sustainable route planning and considers customer and connection queries within the meaning of CRM. The system should be conntected at least to one customized eCRM that integrates approaches for Customer Relationship Management in terms of sustainability. For linking the eCRM system, the “Jinengo” system should contain an interface through which all details of connection queries and results are transferred and stored persistend in the eCRM together with customer information. By the analysis and valuation of such customer information new customers can be acquired and induce them to sustainable mobility by running marketing campaigns. Furthermore, for example, this data can be used to give the customer information about his queries so far.

Within our project the standard software “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011″ is beeing used customized as eCRM system.

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